Yuriy Sergeyevich Shedrov
Biographical information

Yura Soldat




November 20th, 1977 (Age: 35)

Physical description

Caucasian (of Russian descent)



Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Sergey Shedrov (father)
Alina Shedrova (mother )
Lev Raskalov (cousin)


Orekhovskaya gang (1998 - 2005)
Belkin's Brigade (1998 - 2005)
Butovskaya Bratva (2011 - 2012)
Sivakov's Brigade (2012)
Rostovskaya Bratva (2012 - present)

Miscellaneous information

Hitman (Previous Organizations)
Bodyguard (Sivakov's Brigade)
Crime Boss (Rostovskaya Bratva)
Cafe Moskva (Owner)

Owned vehicles

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
2012 BMW 650i Coupe

Yuriy Sergeyevich Shedrov also known as Shedevr and Yura Soldat is currently the leader of the Rostovskaya Bratva which is based in the area of Little Moscow. He is known to be a very disciplined and violent person around the neighborhood and especially known for the several fights he's been participating in recently. He has been working as a hitman earlier for the Orekhovskaya gang in Russia specifically under Dmitriy Belkin's Brigade. Later became a member of the Butovskaya Bratva and after that worked as a hitman and bodyguard for Pavel Sivakov under the Sivakov's Brigade.

Life in Russia Edit

Early Life Edit

Yuriy was born on November 20th, 1977 to a young just settled family in Butovo, Moscow of Sergey and Alina Shedrov's. His father was known to be an officer in the local Militsiya and his mother was a worker in a clothing factory in Moscow. He was the only child in the family and his father had big plans on his sons future career also as a Militsiya officer. Due to that he took Yuriy to boxing trainings very often.

First Chechen War Edit

After graduating highschool in 1995, Yuriy was recruited by the army, trained and sent in the war to Chechnya. His squad where the ones who had to go on straight foot attacks against the Chechen rebels armed with a large variety of Russian weaponry.

Shedrov was one of the soldiers from his squad that participated in various missions, taking over several important tactical areas for the Russian Army. Luckily surviving the war, he soon was able to finish his duty and return home.

Unexpected Turn Edit

By ending his service in the army he came back and graduated Highest War Institute of Moscow in late 1997. He was later denied to become a military official, due to an arrest that was caused by his involvment in a bar fight which's reason was a free chair that he and another male couldn't decide who will take. In result, Shedrov had beaten up the other male.

After this incident, his father Sergey could not forgive his own son his failure and kicked Yuriy out of their living place and told that he's not welcome to there anymore. With that Shedrov lost any contact to his parents and was not seen by them anymore. He started his new life then after.

Orekhovskaya Gang, Belkin's Brigade Edit

Butovo Metro Station Edit

In 1998, right when the economical crisis had started, there were still disputes and conflicts ongoing by several criminals groups. Yuriy on the other time got a job in the local market as a security guard. Soon enough he got into contact with a low criminal figure Vyacheslav Papanov who was already working for the local crime group under the Brigadir Dmitriy Belkin.

Events in the Butovo market went to Shedrov having a conflict with a low level Uzbek gang that was extorting the market. Apparently Shedrov got beaten up by the Uzbeks due to trying to protect a woman he liked, that got picked on by the Uzbek gang leader. After another beating, the Uzbeks told that Shedrov owes them ten thousand dollars and he should better bring them or they'll firstly kill the woman and them him.

Altough, Shedrov not wanting to become a bandit, went over to meet Belkin trough his friend Papanov to speak about his problem. Belkin the leader of his own brigade, was extorting store owners at the Butovo Metro Station and made a deal with Yuriy to solve his problem, but in return he has to work for him.

As Belkin's Brigade was working under the Orekhovskaya gang, the Uzbek gang got sorted out quickly as they were paying off also to the Orekhovskaya for working in their territory. Shedrov in return now had to work for Belkin.

One of his main duties in the start were helping to cash in extortion money together with other gang members. Soon enough, after several events on going Belkin and leaders of the Orekhovskaya noticed Shedrov's skills he had gained during his army service and War Institute studies. He then started to work for the group as a professional killer.

Recognition Edit

In 2009, no-one had ever yet heard of a figure named Yura Soldat until a raid by FSB was done on Belkin's Brigade and several figures were brought in. Altough, Shedrov rarely was seen at public events of the crime groups, one member started to speak, revealing information about the real person who was responsible for several hits done in the recent years. It was revealed that Shedrov, was Belkin's personal bodyguard and hitman when asked.

Altough there were no actual records of Shedrov, only an report of his arrest that later under unknown events dissapeared from the database it led to the officers not even knowing who this person named Shedrov is.

The speaking gang member who testified against the group showed the Militsiya a low quality video tape from year 2000, where apparently Shedrov was seen to visit a gym in Butovo together with other figures. That is the only visual material of the famous hitman left.

This also has created a real myth of has Yuriy Shedrov actually worked for the Orekhovskaya and does he even exist or maybe he's a made up person by the group to blame the murders on someone else they are responsible for.

Hits in Russia Edit

Militsiya, Vasiliy Kondratov Edit

While Belkin's Brigade grew slowly bigger, they were also gaining enemies one of the enemies was a Militsiya detective Vasiliy Kondratov who had a personal hate at Belkin. Event in the end went to Kondratov arresting and beating to death Belkin's younger brother Artyom while questioning. This was a terrifying shock for Belkin and he swore to Kondratov that he'll take revenge.

In July 25th, 2002, Kondratov exited his apartment complex in Moscow and entered his vehicle, from the corner a masked male appeared holding an AK-47 automatic assault rifle in his hands and opened fire on him emptying the whole clip into the victim. Kondratov received several shots in his chest and head, dieying on the place instantly. The weapon got left right at the murder scene, with no fingerprints on it or any other evidence left around. The murderer evaded the scene, as a waiting vehicle picked him up and drove away.

The murder was marked as unsolwed, altough several members of the Belkin's brigade were brought into questioning, though Shedrov wasn't one of them. There was nothing that could be proved against the group being behind this murder. In 2009, the arrested gang member testified that the murderer was Yuriy Shedrov, known as Shedevr and Yura Soldat by his crime associates. The murder was done on direct Belkin's orders in revenge of his killed brother.

Club Amazona, Gennadiy Gorkin Edit

Year 2003, Belkin's Brigade has grown a lot larger, holding fully Butovo under their reign and being one of the top crews of Orekhovskaya Gang. A large scandal becomes the murder of a businessman Gennadiy Gorkin, who owns the Club Amazona. Gorkin recently got into debt by owing money to a figure of Belkin's Brigade, who helped him to open his club business. Eventually the businessman could not pay on time.

On a late evening, Gorkin was spotted driving up to his apartment complex in Moscow and exiting his Mercedes. After he entered the complex, in the stairway he got surprised by Shedrov who was there already waiting for him. Gorkin got shot three times in the back and died on the spot, after that received a control shot in his head. Shedrov then left the scene, leaving the murder to be discovered only in the morning.

Tambovskaya - Orekhovskaya Conflict, Fedotov Brothers Edit

Another stand up for Shedrov was the Tambovskaya - Orekhovskaya conflict where the both groups went into war for a piece of territory in Moscow, that was already used by Belkin's Brigade, but the powerful Tambov gang from Petersburg wanted to gain a new place for their business.

To Moscow the Tambovskaya had sent two brother by the surname Fedotov, they were previously known in Saint Petersburg as extorters of the local markets. Now they were sent with some men to Moscow. As soon they got there, sit-down's were organized between the both groups. As they couldn't get to a conclusion, the war had started. Shedevr was the one picked to eliminate both of the brothers.

Year 2004, June 18th - Both Fedotov brothers were seen to hang in a local Moscow Casino that was operating in the turf belonging to Orekhovskaya. This time without any bodyguard, both of the brothers were an easy hit for Shedrov. As it's about 4 AM in the morning they both walk out of the Casino to their jeep. On the CCTV's, there's seen a male approaching the jeep. He knocks on the window, and as a nearby standing witness stated that the man asked for a cigarette. In the next moment, the male took out a Silenced Pistolet Makarova and shot both of the brothers. The attacker being Shedrov himself, fled the scene and left the murder weapon there also without any fingerprints on it.

After that murder, there were no actual statements about Shedrov doing any hits anymore for Belkin's Brigade or Orekhovskaya. He was claimed to be a shadow and distanced himself from the Bratva.

United States Edit

Batya, Butovskaya Bratva Edit

After some years in 2008, Shedrov has arrived to the United States where he is still a shadow and known as Shedrov by only few people, one of them being Vyacheslav Papanov.

Shedevr soon got into contact with his old friend Batya who now was working in Little Moscow as the boss of Butovskaya Bratva and hired Yuriy for various jobs. It was known that he was filling the position as the group's hitman and bodyguard for Papanov himself. Though, only few people knew Shedrov in face and this time also, by living in a small flat in Little Moscow, he wasn't showing up much to anyone's eyes.

However, after some time Papanov was killed together with other known associates of his group, the main blame was put on three other organized groups operating in Los Santos. Shedrov felt the loss of his close friend, and swore that he'll take revenge on whoever had done this to his boss.

Finding Out The TruthEdit

After weeks of sliding quietly around Little Moscow he finally came up to the lead who might of done the vicious murder on his friend. He spotted a new group in Little Moscow, they were there in the place of Batya now. So, from there he decided to start - either to kill them all or to find exactly who killed his friend.

A late friday evening it was, when the alleged member of the new group came to his apartment on Health Projects. As he pulled out his apartment keys, Shedrov appeared from the shadow, pushed him to the wall and put a knife to his groin, stating that if he done a sound or some quick move then he's going to piss trough a plastic pipe for the rest of his life.

They quickly both then got into the apartment, where Yuriy pushed the alleged victim on the floor on his knee's and placed the knife now to his throat, making him sure that if he doesn't talk he'll be done in just a second. The alleged criminal begged to Shedrov not to kill him, that he doesn't know anything and he just have heard of a name Batya, but doesn't know him. However, after a fine beating he started to speak.

By finding out what he needed, Shedevr removed the knife from his throat leaving the mobster to desperately touch his neck in fear. He then exited the apartment and disappeared from the scene into the shadows.

Pashtyet and PatsaniEdit

Shedrov continued to roam the streets of Little Moscow, watching everyone around - what they did, where they were and so on. In that way he felt in the neighborhood getting to know everything around so he could think always a few steps ahead.

In a late evening a black jeep arrived at the Cluckin' Bell in Little Moscow, from there four men got out of it, all in tracksuits. In the middle there was the man who Yuriy few days had assaulted but spared his life for giving him the information he needed. However, the man did not recognize Shedevr or just didn't show it to others. Shedevr slowly approached the company and made his statement clear, that he wants to speak with Pashtyet.

After a clear talk of twenty minutes, the deal was made - Shedevr was now working together with the Sivakov's Brigade as after Batya's death he needed a new krisha to lay under. Sivakov told him to appear at the place after an hour.

By coming back to the place exactly at the time he was told, Shedrov got told to get into the jeep. This time there were only two men inside it, Yuriy being the third. A drive trough the neighborhood ended in a nearby alley where Yuriy got handed a Nokia N95 cellphone and a Tulskiy Tokarev handgun together with a full magazine. After taking the objects another route trough the nearby neighborhoods was done, there Shedrov got told his first task he should fill.

Sivakov's Brigade Edit

Haitians Going Down Edit

In the process associating himself with Sivakov and his goons, Shedrov got his first task assigned. He had to get rid of a gang residing in Little Haiti named Zoe Pound. Apparently the Japaneese were ready to pay a sum for the Haitian members heads and as well Pavel had his own personal reasons to take away their lives.

Few days Shedrov wandered around the area of Little Haiti taking a glance over at the possible victims, he found the Minivan and Stratum that Timur had told him about earlier. Then he spent an day planning the possible execution and planned the way he would use to evade the scene. In the evening he decided to rest and be ready for the tommorow's work.

After waking up and getting in the day ready, Yuriy received a call from Pavel telling him to come and meet him. As he exited his living place, he spotted the black jeep owned by Sivakov. As soon as he got in, they took a ride around the neighborhood where Shedevr got informed about the yesterday evening's events that Didier Wright the leader of Zoe Pound was already murdered and he only needed to finish the remaining members.

As the drove over to Little Haiti, they spotted two more members of the Haitian gang hanging at the area. Shedrov told Sivakov to drive around the block and return to the spot. Yuriy then got his Tulskiy Tokarev pistol and turned off it's safety switch, making it ready to shoot. As they were already near the both Haitians, Shedrov lowered his window and placed the pistol outside of the jeep. In the next few moments the area around was disturbed by seven loud shots. The first victim Beaumont Lafleur received six shots in his chest area, then Shedrov turned the pistol over to the other man named Joakim Dupree and killed him with one straight shot in the left eye.

Both Sivakov and Shedrov left the scene in their jeep, leaving the both soldiers in their own pools of blood. Pavel appreciated Yuriy's professionality in his job and offered him to also work as his bodyguard. Shedevr accepted the offer and after that was dropped off at his living place, where he went home to rest after his work.

The Irish Conflict Edit

On June 24th, Shedrov met again together with the both Sivakov's as they stated that they need to pick up a vehicle from the Impound Lot. Pavel mentioned over to Yuriy that they now have another problem - an Irish Gang that earlier had insulted Timur and possibly stolen Pavel's Mercedes-Benz jeep. Shedrov then received a description how one of the men looked and was told that it's his next job.

Later that day Shedrov received another call from Pavel that told him to meet them outside. As he got into a vehicle, he got informed about another attack from the Irish and that it's a full razborka now with them. As they drove over to the Ganton area the Irish appeared and a shootout began. Shedrov shot out his last eleven bullets into the jeep and ran out of ammo, luckily he was able to take cover behind the vehicle. The shootout ended without victims and the Irish drove away, the Sivakov's ran away and spilt up, the same did Yuriy and ended being followed by a group of African Americans who questioned his running and insulted him.

After returning to the vehicle, he met Timur and they again ran off. While Timur ran in front of Shedrov, the jeep again appeared and blocked Melkiy's way, Shedrov in the meanwhile took another way as he had no way to fight off the two Irish who were armed.

A shot then was heard and Shedrov eventually got ran into by Pavel, who missed the action of his brother being kidnapped by the Irish. The search then started, both Shedrov and Sivakov turning around the whole city without any luck to find Melkiy. Then a call was received and Pavel got told to bring twenty grand or he won't see his brother alive anymore.

After being even stopped by the police, Pavel called his contact in the San Andreas Network and told her to inform the Police about his brother being kidnapped, hoping to find him.

The situation went over to Montgomery where the exchange of Timur and the money should of happened, Sivakov sent in the small house an ambal of the group Georgiy 'Zhora' Bazarov with the package of the money, meanwhile Shedrov and Sivakov hid in the nearby forest waiting for the Irish to arrive and had a plan to execute them and save Melkiy.

However the whole situation was ambushed by the Los Santos Police Department which arrived and mistakenly thought of Shedrov and Sivakov as the kidnappers and a chase ensued, as the both were seen with weapons, however Shedrov had his face covered with a ski mask. By running nearly away from their perpetrators, they again were surprised by them as they drove towards them. Pavel ran towards the near hill, Shedrov didn't think long and jumped in the nearby river and swimmed away for his own life, dumping the pistol on a rock and hearing several shots away from him he continued to swim, gazing up to the land and realizing several SWAT officers aiming weapons at him.

Nearly making his way to the other coast, being tired and exhausted from the swimming he made his way trough the woods, only looking back to find the Police Vehicles to arrive at the coast searching for him. Luckily he made his way home, locking himself in the apartment and throwing out the clothes he had wore there, to not have himself linked to the event back in the woods.

Back in Little Moscow Shedevr got informed by his associate Igor Maximov about that Timur was already dead as his cut off head was found in Little Moscow. As well he found out that Pavel was killed by the police officers in the woods and the both Irish Jackson Hughes and James Webster were brought into police with one of them being sentenced for life. Zhora also was brought into questioning by the Police

Shedrov then was left as the only remaining mature thinking man of the group so he decided that it's time for him to run things in Little Moscow, on the meanwhile he swore revenge on those who were the cause of death's of his bratani.

Rostovskaya Brigada Edit

Forming The Brigade Edit

The only two remaining members of the Brigade were Georgiy Bazarov and Sergey Vorontsov who were quickly recruited by Shedevr under his wing and told that he's the new boss in the neighborhood. They had nothing against as they were sure Shedrov would run things smooth. On the other side, two other indiviuals Sava Bychkov and Semyon Babishev arrived in Little Moscow and joined the group as well. The group was also joined by other local small time criminals who were looking for a wing to work under.

Yuriy strictly started to overlook the neighborhood, he also made a notice to his men that he will not tolerate any drug addicts or alcoholics in his lines and that they will go under very strict discipline if they want to work together with him. He also informed everyone of his vision of the structure he'll be running, that everyone in it will be supported and wealthy if they follow his orders.

Stabilizing Edit

Soon enough Shedevr heard of the local Italian group named The Gaccione Crew which was ran by a mane named Sonny. He then took a part of his goons and head over to their so called headquarters the R&R Lounge where he met with Sonny and discussed various things related to the criminal life and structures of Los Santos. Shedevr also proposed an alliance between the both groups and to sort things out in a more diplomatic way than it was used to be in the city where everyone shot everyone.

Troughout the day he felt fully into his leading boots and made everyone work around, deciding to restore the gym that was once used by several other groups. He sent also his associates over to make a proposing offer to the local Green Taxi Cab company which was eventually refused. He got also in a conflict with Roman Makarov a young associate of the group who refused to follow Shedrov's orders, however Babishev made him to calm down.

Yuriy Shedrov in the Little Moscow Boxing Club

A following event to the all situation in Little Moscow was Shedevr meeting Valentina Kuznetsova a reporter that he knew trough Pavel, he spoke to her about the situation and made his demands clear to her. Soon the conversation was looked over by a not known to them - police officer Robert McMiller who was chased down by Shedevr and Logoped and beaten heavily in one of the alleys of Little Moscow. After a desperate call on his radio for help, sirens were heard around the area and Shedevr witnessed the side of his friend Semyon. Semyon without thinking took out his pistol and shot the officer in the back three times and together they fled the scene, leaving Robert to die. In some way bringing revenge on Pashtyet's death - an eye for an eye.

The Iron Fist Edit

Now after the Brigade had been formed, Shedrov could finally get to the next part - earning money. He formed several activities for his men which were needed to be filled daily in an outcome to make group wealthier.

With escaping from the Police Department's hands of him and Babishev participating in a murder of the police officer did not bring much effort as another member of the group Sava Bychkov was brought in for the murder and accused of it.

Meanwhile Shedrov decided to promote up his name and authority in the neighborhood and the city of Los Santos generally. One of the actions were a fight in a club together with Logoped and several others against the guards working there at the night. This brought media attention as Vanessa Harrison filmed all the event on her mobile phone.

The rich lifestyle of Yuriy did not end well, as soon he got pulled over in his Beamer by the Police Department and arrested for reckless driving and apparently holding and illegal firearm on himself.

After that he soon got back on his feet in Little Moscow where he was spotted to get into several conflicts with the local Russians living in the neighborhood, not apparently knowing anything about such a person named Shedrov. One of the victims were Rustam Yusopov who was seen being beaten up by Shedevr near the Bordashenko apartment complex for an insult. The next victim Vladislav Fedorov was beaten up for walking around the neighborhood with an axe and trashing vehicles from the view of Yuriy.

On a daily visit to a Casino where Shedrov and his associates met with Lars Rosenberg who was being extorted at the time by Georgiy Bazarov. The event with Rosenberg apparently caused him to pay Shedrov nine hundred thousand dollars for an apparent deal he ruined for Yuriy and the Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza Clan led by Akira Sakura.

After driving home from the Casino, the vehicle was stopped by two police cruisers and the group was searched. One of the guards in the Casino recognized Babishev and Shedrov being involved in the Club Fight few days earlier so he called the cops. No-one however received any charges. Later Shedrov contacted a new associate of his Rustam Yusopov and gave the green light on the guards murder which was carried out in the next two hours.

On 3rd of July the funereal of Sivakov brothers was organized as well, in which Yuriy attented together with other members of his Brigade.

After few days Shedrov who daily doesn't use alcohol got into a fight his own brigade members in the Pig Pen strip club, apparently doing this under the influence of alcohol. In the action, he fought with Semyon Babishev and smashed a bottle of whiskey against another associate's Denis Malkin's skull.

With all these events Shedrov produced himself a bright and known status in the local area being known as a ruthless and violent person to be feared by others and respected as well.

Being a Boss Edit

Day to day the men of Shedevr's Brigade brought in money, most of this money went to support the group's activities and luxurious lifestyle they started to live by after having a taste what it is to live without worrying that you'll end out of money. Shedevr in the meanwhile learned that he should live his life good while he's able. He knew that the Los Santos Police Department had a case on his group and that they all were watched, as well he sensed there will be one day that he'll need to run or be go behind bars.

Shedrov decided to show that he's a boos and bought a house on St. Catherine Street in Little Moscow, the money he gained trough criminal activities allowed him to reconstruct the interior of the house fully, making it a luxurious living place for himself. On the other side he bought two in year 2012 made vehicles - a BMW 650i Coupe and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

In a while, he met his old time friend the infamous hitman and bodyguard of several Russian criminal underworld bosses - Sasha 'Gorilla' Ryzhkov. After serving a sentence in prison he had come out and went to Shedrov. From that day the both agreed to work together, with Gorilla becoming Shedevr's personal bodyguard and driver.

On the other scene, life did not go so well as wanted. Zhora, the group's ambal for no apparent reason got killed by unknown people, with Shedevr having suspicion who might of done it. After driving home from a club togetether with Sergei Vorontsov and Vladimir Paszkov the three got into a car accident, with sending Seryoga to a coma for a few days. Another associate of the group Rustam Yusopov got sentenced for life for trying to drive over an officer with his own vehicle.

Not taking in mind the losses, new faces kept appearing around Little Moscow and associating themselves with Shedevr and his Bratva. On the meanwhile he decided to organize business with a black drug dealer group led by Marcus Brooks.

Narkota Trade Edit

Fen Edit

Vasya a member from the Sivakov's Brigade who Shedevr had spotted only once was doing time in prison for an illegal firearm. Soon after hearing about the Sivakov brother deaths he gained contact with Shedevr and linked him to an apparent deal.

An Afro American individual Jamal Demond was waiting for the group already in Pig Pen as they walked inside, next to him was the suitcase containing yet unknown things to the group to be visible. The man made his offer clear when opened the suitcase containing around two and a half kilograms of (methamphetamine).

The decision was made fast, with just a nod Shedevr ordered his men to take out the individual and took the suitcase and left, telling Igor Maximov to make sure the individual doesn't exit the club alive. Kazimir Zhidkov, Rustam Yusopov and Vladimir Tiagunov were beating the helpless individual to death and later dragged his body outside of the club and burried it in the nearby woods. Shedevr meanwhile went away with the prize and hid it in a safe place.

The Brooks Organization Edit

Two weeks later Vasily Andriy got released out of prison and went over to his now new known brigade and Shedevr. Together with himself he brough in an individual named Brooks who was leading a group of other guys that wanted to get into the drug trade. And agreement was made and the narkota was delivered to the group the very same night.

Soon enough after the on going business with Brooks and his group, problems started to appear. Shedrov received information that first of all, a gang named The G' Street Clique led by JJ was waging a war over at the Brooks Organization for the drug dealing corners in Idlewood. Second some figures from the Gaccione Crime Family shot up a dealer of Brooks organization, due to thinking that they had attacked them on a supposed deal, but really the attackers were JJ's people.

Shedevr the organized a sit-down with Brooks, where he supplied him with Vasya and three other associates of the group Vladimir Paszkov, Aleksei Lazarenko and Konstantin Rokossovski that went to get rid of JJ and his group. Which was done by Shedevr's men chasing down Joseph James from Grove Street over to Ganton Gym where he finally got caught by Vasya, who shot him nine times first of all in the legs and then in the back as JJ fell to the ground forward in his own pool of blood.

On the meanwhile he met with Sonny and came to a deal and angreement out of this whole situation, which later resulted another sit-down in it participating Shedevr, Vasily Andriy, Joseph Gaccione, Louis Garelli and Marcus Brooks. And the three group leaders talking out the situation fully. In the end of the day, the problems were solved.

The G' Street CliqueEdit

The drug war between The G' Street Clique and Brooks Organization caused Shedevr to back up Brooks and his men by sending out his own Russian goons to resolve the situation fully.

However, the The G' Street Clique had went over to the line, when according to Shedevr they broke into his house by breaking a window and robbed it. After that Yuriy made a final decision to take the other group out fully for their wrongdoings against him, his house and his allies.

In result a meeting was set together with Shedevr's men and the other group, which after their arrival was ambushed pretty quick. Two men shot the group from the roof's with a rifle and an AK-47 automatic rifle, from the other entrance in they alley Yuriy drove in together with Vladimir Dubrovenko and finished off the running members of the other group. After that an escape was made to the the country side where Shedevr and part of his goons resided until everything would cool off in Little Moscow.

The Slavic RootsEdit

Nasa StvarEdit

The first meeting between the two groups occured on the streets of Little Moscow, apparently another had happened already before when Shedevr was not around, but it was just a visit to their bar in the area. That time Vlado Chernozemski together with Luka Duvnjak approached Shedevr and told they have been sent by another man here to retreive a firearm that someone obviously tried to sell to the man but never did deliver it. Yuriy reacted enough fast and told that no-one's selling anything in the neighborhood, which was also the truth as any gun dealing operations were banned by Shedevr and Logoped due to the city's behaviour going out of control.

The next meeting happened when Vlado invited Vasya and Shedevr to a dog fight he was organizing in Willowfield. The both came and eventually trough the events, Marcus Brooks showed up claiming it's his territory. Shedrov went in between and stated the right thing that the area actually is belonging to him. The both parts then agreed between a payment of three grand per week from Vlado for operating the place in their territory.

During the dog fight the LSPD rushed inside and while doing so Vasya threw his gun under the ring, which made the police officer Logan MacKenzie fire at him, but instead the bullet hit Yuriy's left arm and leg. After that the all group was taken in and arrested. Eventually Vlado escaped from the arrest by killing a police officer which had failed to search him before. On the other side, Shedrov shared a cell for the night together with Anton Tadic who was also brought in. In the next day the both were released as no charges against the both were brought up.

Yuriy later met Logoped and decided to talk over the happenings, he spotted beforehand that two officers were arresting another member. The duo then decided that it's an eye for an eye thing they have to do. So the both went there and took some AK's with them. Masked the both men approached the police officers from a hideout. However, another officer Angel Hernandez discovered them and fired a single shot at the both, in return he received over thirthy AK-47 bullets fired back at him, luckily he was able to jump behind the corner and received only three bullet wounds in his left arm.

After few days Shedrov once again met Vlado and Anton, both visited the Cafe Moskva and decided to talk over business with Shedevr and his right hand Logoped. In the end of the discussion the both group leaders agreed on an alliance and coooperation in the criminal underworld of Los Santos.