Vinny Colucci
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April 12th, 1988 (23 years old)

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Hair color

Dark Brown

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Familial and political information
Known family

Tony Colucci (Father)
Daria Colucci (Mother)
Angelo Colucci (Brother)
Celine Colucci (Sister)


Los Santos Police Department

Miscellaneous information

Police Officer II

Owned vehicles

2012 Mercedes-Ben GLK 350
2012 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG

"Vinny Colucci" (born April 12th, 1988) also known as the Vinny from the Los Santos Detective Agency, is a successful business man who turned what seemed to be a small business idea into a huge private company. Vinny was the Chief Superintendent of the LSDA, owning it.

Early LifeEdit


Vinny's parents lived in Bari, Italy. After the struggling times came upon the country, they decided they would move to the United States of America for a better life not only for themselves, but for their soon-to-be new born son that is now known as Vinny.

The "Big" MoveEdit

In July of 1988, the "big" move finally happened. Vinny's parents packed up what they needed and took a plane to the U.S.A. after both receiving a dual citizenship. Once Vinny's parents settled in a nice house with their close relatives living in Jefferson, Vinny's father set straight out to work after seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper as well as referral from a relative, with a good paying job in the San Andreas State Police Department. Vinny's father was a police officer, a trooper as the San Andreas State Police Department would call it. Vinny's father supported the growing family and saved up enough money to buy a house of their own in Glen Park.


It was April 12th, 1988 in the early hours of the morning when Vinny's father, Tony, rushed his mother, Maria, to the local Bari hospital to give birth to Vinny. Vinny was born into a family of three, later turning into a family of four after Maria and Tony had another baby which is Vinny's sister - now known as Celine Colucci.

Los Santos Detective Agency ClosureEdit

On May 31st in 2012, Vinny decided to call it quits and closed Los Santos Detective Agency, picking up a new job as a Detective in the Los Santos Police Department.