Ten Green Bottles
Business information

Dive bar


Tyrell Dawson

Managed by

Kobe Craigson

Current Owner(s)

Kobe Craigson


Alcohol Distribution

Chronological and political information

August, 1993


Grove Street Crips

The Ten Green Bottles was established in 1993 by Tyrell Dawson. It was a local bar for the African-American residents in the Ganton area and often had numerous bands play at the location. The name originated from the famous English children's song, "Ten Green Bottles". Upon Dawson passing away in 2010, Bear Craigson had bought the local bar and taken over. While doing so Craigson had spiffed it up a bit to fit the modern expectations of a bar. Soon after, it was passed down to his younger brother, Kobe Craigson.