Los Compadres 18
Organizational information

Ramón 'Joker' Torres

Also known as


Led by

Ramón 'Joker' Torres (1978-2006)
Santiago 'Rhymes' Cabrera (2008-Present)

Notable members

Edgar Fernandez
Mateus Mezones
Kasper Rios
Eddie Ramirez
Erubiel Gutierrez
Freddy Ramirez
Oscar Perez
Julio Mendoza
Rafael Delgado
Emilio Cardenas
Nathaniel Ramirez


Street gang


Grand theft

Drug trafficking
Drive-by shootings
Walk-up shootings
Witness intimidation
Illegal gambling
Murder for hire


Heavy Artillery Records

Chronological and political information




The Ganton Garders - Rascal Nation
The Bordeianu Clan


Gaccione Crime Family

The way I hear these knuckleheads tell it, they don't want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it's an infestation. It's pure racial animosity that manifests itself in a policy of a major criminal organization.

–Los Santos gang expert Tony Rafael, 2012

The Los Compadres 18 also known as LC 18, is a predominately Mexican-american street gang known to operate in El Corona, Los Santos.

Gang culture in Los Santos

Criminal street gangs remain a major problem in the state of San Andreas, with an estimated number of 300 000 active members or gang banger. Many gangs, including the Los Compadres 18 resort to recruit female and juvenile members who become involved in criminal activities such as burglary, robbery, theft, assault and murder. The gang identify themselves as turf oriented and remains the dominating street gang in El Corona.

The majority of San Andreas Hispanic street gangs, including the Los Compadres 18, remain turf oriented, taking whatever steps necessary to protect their claimed areas of operation. In Los Santos the gangs control entire neighborhoods. Making living conditions for law-abiding citizens often unbearable. Intimidation and violence is the key used by these gang members to keep witnesses from reporting crimes or testifying in court. Meanwhile the gangs cover up their terror by claiming that they are protecting their neighbourhood.

More and more female Hispanic gang members make themselves known today. Traditionally they are relatively unknown and are not given any explicit attention from either law enforcement or media. If a female gang member was ever mentioned at all, they are generally described as adjunct to the male members. The female gang-affiliated members usually come from the same dysfunctional environment and noxious types of homes as the male members in the street gangs. They also express a preference for gang affiliated males. Despite that many had not been treated right, yet they went back to the gang male, or became involved with another one.

The solidarity, toughness and protection from the street gang is a very desirable factor in why people join a gang in the first place. But in order to get accepted into the gang and earn their respect every aspiring member must prove their loyalty and dedication. Many get involved and are independently involved in criminal activities such as robbery, vandalism, burglary, auto theft, drug trafficking, carjacking, assault and homicide.

They don't let no one mess with you, you trust your homies. Someone disrespects you. We beat you down, you know.

–Former Los Compadres 18 female gang banger, 2012

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