Gaccione Crime Family


Founding location

East Los Santos, San Andreas

Years active

2011 – 2012


Little Sicily, Los Santos
Vinewood, Los Santos
Kansas City, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois


Made men (full members) are Italian, Italian-American, Sicilian or Sicilian-American. Other ethnicities are employed as "associates"


10 – 20 made members approx, 60+ associates

Criminal activities

Racketeering, gun running, bribery, conspiracy, contract killing, arson, burglary, coercion, robbery, larceny, skimming, hijacking, loansharking, drug trafficking, fencing, fraud, money laundering, murder, illegal gambling, assault, battery, extortion, threats, chop shops, prostitution.


Five Families, Chicago Outfit and other various L.S. based gangs and organizations


Various gangs over L.S. and their allies

Also known by

Los Santos crime family, the L.S. mob

The Gaccione crime family (pronounced "gah-CHO-nee") is one of the newest organized crime syndicates within the United States of America known to operate within the state of San Andreas and Los Santos specifically as part of the worldwide phenomena known as La Cosa Nostra. The family was originally a single crew run by Joseph Gaccione, an alleged member of the Chicago Outfit, from which the family bears its name.

Their illicit activities include profiting from labor and construction racketeering, illegal gambling, loansharking, extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering, hijacking, fraud, fencing and murder for hire. In 2012 the organization gained a more organized hierarchy structure of its own, and although widely accepted to West Coast law enforcement as its own stand-alone organization, it's considered to be a faction of the Chicago Outfit by FBI investigations.

The family is small in comparison to other east coast families, due to to the substantially smaller population of Italian-Americans within the state of San Andreas. Due to this, organized crime is on a smaller scale and holds little competition or opportunity for cooperation, leaving the family to contend with the many street gangs in the "Gang Capital of America".

As of recently the organization has been declared inactive and dissolved after the retirement of Joseph Gaccione. It is suspected remaining members have also left the mob life, or have spanned out into their own endeavors.


Primitive Roots

Being born on Chicago's South Side, Joseph Gaccione witnessed the influence of the mafia from a young age. The neighborhood in which he was born into was strongly protected by the local mob outfit. The fear and respect for connected individuals gave birth to morals such as the code of silence which conveniently allowed to the mob to extort and run rackets without worrying about interference from the general public. Joseph was taught from a young age never to rat out friend or family, even in school children his age would never tell on each other over physical confrontations and disputes. The flashy suits and the expensive cars owned by the respected Italian men were always of a higher interest to Joseph than crunching numbers inside of a class room.

He dropped out in high school to begin low key loan sharking and bookmaking operations with previous school mates. Perhaps his largest source of income growing up was the craps games he'd hold. His games often drew a crowd of many Italian men, most of which were an older crowd. Due to his young age, the elderly men would call him "Sonny" and from there his nickname derived as "Sonny Craps". While his pockets grew, so did the interest of the connected men in his neighborhood. He was quickly taken under the wing of one of the Outfit's made members, a man by the name of Salvatore "Sammy Shanks" Pascale. Under Salvatore, Joseph expanded his earning to include profits from extortion and pornography rackets. He was one of his crew's biggest earners, and in the late 1990s he received the honor of taking the oath and becoming a made man.

In 2005, a joint operation between the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) were able to indict numerous associates of the Outfit with charges falling under the RICO act. During this time several made members of the family turned their backs on the previous code of Omerta they once honored, giving up the crimes of other family members. One of the men who took to the stands, former mob hit man James "Jimmy Lips" Lippo, was able to give a testimony which in turn landed a group of his former affiliates with 20 - life sentences for their involvements with various mob related murders. Along with this testimony, Lippo was able to send five other inducted members of the Outfit to prison on shorter sentences ranging from 10 - 15 years. One of these men was Joseph Gaccione himself, a caporegime at the time, being charged with the extortion of a chain of porn shops across Chicago. Lippo, although being placed in the witness protection program shortly after the trial, was found dead in the trunk of a car in the outskirts of the O'Hare International Airport. Gaccione on the other hand was sentenced to six years at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in Chicago.


In 2011 when Joseph Gaccione had finally finished serving a prison sentence in the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center regarding extortion charges, he was sent to meet with the alleged boss of the Chicago Outfit. At this meeting, FBI surveillance captured a short conversation between the two men, finishing with an exchange of embrace and the passing of an envelope.

Joseph seemed to drift off the FBI's radar within the following months, the bureau struggling to determine what exactly the small sit down had discussed and what the envelope contained. That was of course until the late spring of 2012 when airport security received word that various La Cosa Nostra crime figures had been booking flights traveling westward to the state known as San Andreas. Included in these bookings were certain individuals such as Rudolph LoGazzo, George Sacchetti, Stefano Fratianno, Alphonse Addonizio and more, including Joseph Gaccione himself.

Assumptions made on behalf of the FBI determined that Joseph Gaccione had received a promotion within the family, obtaining the rank of captain. Due to this, and combined with the intel of profiled family members heading to Los Santos the bureau determined Gaccione was put in charge of the family's expansion, building his own crew on the west coast.

Operations in Los Santos

The crew quickly settled into the eastern side of Los Santos, more specifically Saint Joseph Street. On this street, an old bar was purchased and renovated by Gaccione and turned into a respectable social clue known as the R&R Lounge, suspected to be the base of operations for the crew itself.

Other businesses quickly began to pop up across East Los Santos, including Sacchetti & Addonizio's as well as privately operated garages. Organized crime spectators grew weary of the Italian crew's closeness to the territory run by Russian mobsters for generations, an enclave known as Little Moscow. For Gaccione, the closeness to other crime groups did not seem to bother his operations. Instead, he aimed to make positive business relations to the other city's organizations. In return he gained support from the Rostovskaya Bratva, relations that would point towards future success and a monopoly over crime in the city.

As the crew strongly established itself in Los Santos, members of the crew began to lead their own internal expansions themselves. Certain individuals chose Idlewood to begin leading their own businesses and criminal ventures among themselves, under the eye of Gaccione and his crew's made men. To spectators, it seems as the the crew's rapid growth and success has lead it to being seen as its own structured family within an organization.

Expansions of the organization into the Rodeo district have also become apparent, as suspected legal fronts have began popping up under the eye of Stefano Fratianno, the alleged underboss of the family. Skimming operations have also been suspected of the newly created casino known as the Tableau within Rodeo, as well as extortion of the Soho Corporation.

Struggles and Conflicts

The Zips

Although the organization has kept a relatively peaceful reign in Los Santos, there have also been various instances where the opted peace was unsuccessful and the usage of violence was warranted. One of the first cases seen of this was when an influx of multiple Sicilian Mafiosi (known as the derogatory term “Zips” to American mobsters) arrived in the city and began frequenting themselves in the East L.S. – East Beach area. Due to the negative of encounters with Sicilians in the history of organized crime in America, the organization kept themselves at what seemed to be a safe distance from the Sicilians.

Unfortunately, the Sicilians couldn't handle the atmosphere surrounding the American mafia and opted to make their presence known to the organization through usage of violence. They executed an up and coming associate known as Luca Boccino and left his body for authorities to discover. Rumors quickly began to spread of what the Sicilians had been up to, reaching as far as Joseph Gaccione’s ear. With Luca’s body being discovered and the rumors in mind, Joseph ordered the execution of any Sicilians that had been frequenting themselves around the outfit. The hits were carried out by various members of the Saint Joseph Street Crew, leaving the organization at peace once again.

Yakuza Yamaguchi-gumi

The next spur of restlessness amongst the organization would come from their ally, a Yakuza group known as Yamaguchi-Gumi. The Japanese group had launched a retaliation attempt against Ryan Carther, a legal asset to the Gaccione family, after a dispute had occurred between himself and Akio Katashi. They kidnapped his wife and also arranged Carther’s demise. After receiving word of the kidnapping, Joseph made arrangements for Carther to be relocated outside of the city. After Carther was secured outside of the States, Joseph called a sit down between himself, Stefano Fratianno - his underboss at the time, and the hierarchy of the Yakuza. Suspicions arose of attempts being made on Joseph’s life during the sit down, so a look out was posted near by the Angel Pine Motel where the sit down was to take place.

During the sit down the lookout spotted various Japanese men surrounding the complex, even going as far as placing a sniper nearby. Joseph settled the disputes over Carther and agreed to pay a price to settle any trouble he had caused. Both Akira, the head of the Yakuza, and Joseph shook on the motion and headed their separate ways. Although no violence had actually occurred during the sit down, Joseph became very disturbed to learn they had almost entered the sit down with weaponry before being stopped and searched by an associate of the group. He was also discontented by the sniper he learned was positioned nearby. He decided for the better of the organization that they would keep their distance from the Yakuza in order to ensure no more instance such as this would occur.

The Crips

Near the end of the summer, a crew of the family operating within Idlewood encountered violent relations with a Crips affiliated street gang which was trying to stake their claim over the area. An offer was made to allow them to operate in the area for a fee which would be paid weekly, a tax on the drug operations which were sure to be run. Instead of taking the positive route, the street gang instead decided to attack a group of associates and incapacitate one of them. Joseph also encountered the same group at a night club shortly after the dispute. Upon trying to approach him they were quickly stopped by Louis Garelli who suggested they leave before they got themselves in trouble. They agreed, and left after uttering various threats to Joseph and his guests. It wasn't long after this that the majority of the group was found dead on the streets of Ganton. Witnesses described a young male dressed in a ball cap and tracksuit leaving the scene shortly after an array of shots was fired.

The Biker-Compadres Conflict

A street gang by the name of Los Compadres 18, acknowledged to share a drug operation and protection racket with Edward Valachi, a known associate to the Gaccione family, described negative relations with a biker club. Edward and Christopher Gaccione, another associate, opted to mediate a sit down between the top men in each group in order to decide a peaceful scenario to settle the dispute. Instead, the bikers exchanged gun fire from a roof top and the groups fled from the scene. Joseph was informed by his nephew of what had occurred and he extended wishes for meet one on one with the club’s president.

In this sit down, the president was extremely hostile and wouldn’t settle for anything less than bloodshed from the Hispanics. Knowing this would remove a great portion of his assets; Joseph disagreed with the use of violence and offered the idea of the Hispanics paying a retribution tax to end the conflict. The president, seeming negligent of the offer, gave Joseph his word that no more violence would occur from his side. Suspecting the promise was in fact false; Joseph ordered that the Hispanics be supplied in case of retaliation from the bikers. Not long after this, a majority of the club were found gunned down inside and outside of their clubhouse.

The Romanian Conflict

Joseph had been aware of a group of Romanian criminals stationed in Blueberry, a small rural town on the city’s outskirts, through his allies in the Russian mob. Although never sharing much contact, if any at all, with the group, a known mobster frequented social club on Saint Joseph Street was found with a large degree of vandalism and slander painted across its walls. Vehicles outside the establishment had also been trashed. Tags on the walls containing hateful messages such as “Stay out of Blueberry” hinted towards the Romanians being responsible. Unaware of any contact with the Romanians which would have warranted retaliation on their behalf, Joseph began to question his caporegime, Louis Garelli, about any encounters his crew had shared with the group. Louis in return seemed to be clueless to any negative relations which had occurred, leading Joseph to believe the vandalism occurred with no grounds. He opted to send a similar message to the group, an eye for an eye. He gave Louis permission to trash a bar in Blueberry which had been rumored to be a frequented establishment by the Romanian criminals.

Shortly after the retaliation there was no attempt by the Romanians to sever the negative relations and take a peaceful route. Instead, the family’s newly appointed underboss Rudolph LoGazzo was beaten down by a group of Romanians and incapacitated. After Joseph was informed, he gave the go-ahead to Louis and his crew to execute those responsible. Louis put a large price on the heads of the Romanians, reaching out to a variety of the organization’s allies with the offer. Not long after this a known member of the group, Alexandru Florut, was executed by a hit crew organized by Gaccione associate Donald Massaglia.

The Young Turks

After the suicide of Michael Borgesi and the unexpected death of Anthony Taccardi, the Little Sicily faction of the family began to crumble and dissociate. Because of Louis Garelli having health complications, Christopher Gaccione was given the reigns as Acting Captain of the only surviving Los Santos based faction known as the West Broadway or Vinewood crew. The associates left from the Little Sicily crew quickly flocked together to begin operating within their own street crew, lead by Angelo Caponi. Among the crew were other small-time Italian-American criminals such as Anthony Giovenco, Johnathan Maxxi, Richard DiVarco and more.

The group began conflicting with another street crew within the family with notable members such as Anthony DelVito and Ricardo Caci. Threats were made on Angelo Caponi's behalf towards the group, which raised concern with Christopher Gaccione and his right hand soldier Benjamin Inzerillo. Christopher decided to get one of the crew's affiliates, Paul Vicito, to pass on any useful information from Angelo's group such as operations, aggression and anything else that could pose a threat. Eventually as disputes escalated it seemed inevitable that violence would occur, and war was finally declared after Paul Vicito was executed by Caponi's crew during a phone conversation with Christopher.

Christopher and Benjamin took the defensive side for their crew quickly responded, cutting Caponi's contacts with other organizations and sending any potential targets into hiding for an undetermined period of time. They armed themselves heavily and prepared for what could be a potential power struggle.

On November 12th of 2012, the bodies of Angelo Caponi, Johnathan Maxxi, Anthony Giovenco, Richard DiVarco and Tony Tedesco were found near the Los Santos International Airport and Idlewood. The bodies were near their vehicles which had been riddled with nine millimeter and 5.56 caliber rifle rounds. Caponi's crew, now regarded as the "Young Turks" had been wiped from top to bottom leaving no surviving affiliates. The hits sent a clear message which echoed true since the similar case involving former underboss Rudolph LoGazzo which proved the sheer intolerance for coup d'etat within the crime family.

Historical Membership

Boss (Acting and Official)

The boss is the head of the family and the top decision maker. Only the boss, underboss or consigliere can initiate an associate into the family, allowing them to become a made man. The boss can promote or demote family members at will. The Acting Boss is responsible for running the crime family while the boss is incarcerated or incapacitated. If the boss dies, the acting boss may become the new boss, or be stepped over and lose his position as Acting Boss.

Joseph "Sonny Craps" Gaccione - became boss in 2012 after the Chicago Outfit granted him permission to establish his own family under the Outfit's ultimate control. Has been an active member of organized crime for over thirty years, a majority of which were spent in Chicago, Illinois.

Underboss (Acting and Official)

The underboss is the number two position in the family . Also known as the "capo bastone" in some criminal organizations, this individual is responsible for ensuring that profits from criminal enterprises flow up to the boss and generally oversees the selection of the caporegime(s) and soldier(s) to carry out murders and other criminal activities. The underboss takes control of the crime family after the boss's death. Keeping this power until a new boss is chosen, which in some cases was the Underboss.

Stefano "Stevie the Trashman" Fratianno - an Italian-American Sanitation representative and long time mentor of Gaccione. Recently due to the vacancy of the consigliere position left upon the death of Rudolph LoGazzo, Stefano has began to play two roles under Joseph to relieve pressure.

Consigliere (Acting and Official)

Consigliere is an advisor to the boss and the number three person in a crime family. Usually a person of heavy knowledge regarding the operation and actions of a crime family, the consigliere assists the boss by creating a steady-headed and unbiased approach when regarding decisions or choices the boss must make. They are the only member of the crime family which can disagree with the boss's actions and ultimately alter them.



Capo (Crew boss/captain/lieutenant/caporegime): a capo is appointed by the family boss to run his own borgata (regime, or crew) of sgarrista (soldiers). Each capo reports directly to the underboss, who gives the capo permission to perform criminal activities. If the family needs to murder someone, the underboss normally asks a capo to carry out the order. The capo runs the day-to-day operations of his crew. The capo's soldiers give part of their earnings to the capo, and the capo gives a share to the underboss. A capo can recommend to the underboss or boss that a recruit be allowed to join his crew as a made man.

Louis "Lou the Chin" Garelli (Vinewood faction) - A Chicago native and long time friend of Joseph Gaccione. The two began their organized crime careers around the same time and bonded through their cooperation in the pornography and high jacking rackets. After serving as a consigliere since the expansion, Louis was bumped down due to internal issues and now runs his crew within the upper Vinewood region.


A soldier, also known as sgarrista, soldato, wiseguy, button, buttonman or goodfella, is a made man and has already proven himself to the family. He becomes a made guy after the voting of the captains, who then pass the message up to the boss or underboss. When he is made he takes an oath to honor the family. A soldier is one of the lowest ranks in the crime family but still has much power over associates and friends. The soldier is then assigned into a crew and given a capodecine (Captain). The caporegime gives orders and jobs from collecting money to hits.

Nicholas "Sticky Nicky" Mancini - A 31 year old mobster who was recently inducted into the family. Owns and operates numerous legal businesses while having stakes in car theft rings within Los Santos.
Christopher "Chrissy Craps" Gaccione - Nephew of mob boss Joseph Gaccione. Known to be a powerful war-time enforcer of the family, as well as assisting Louis Garelli as a lieutenant.
Benjamin "Benny Scat" Inzerillo - A transplant of the Chicago Outfit in Los Santos. Recently paroled after serving a prison sentence for possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. Suspected to be involved with the murdering of the Young Turks in Novemeber, 2012.


An associate is not a member of the Mafia, but works for a crime family as an unofficial member. An associate can include a wide range of people who work for the family. An associate can have a wide range of duties from virtually carrying out the same duties as a soldier to being a simple errand boy. This is where prospective mobsters ("connected guys") start out to prove their worth. Once a crime family is accepting new membership, the best associates are evaluated and picked to become soldiers. An associate can also be a criminal who serves as a go-between or sometimes deals in drugs to keep police attention off the actual members, or they can be people the family does business with. In other cases, an associate might be a corrupt labor union delegate or businessman. Non-Italians will never go any further than this rank.

Anthony "Deli" DelVito
Carter Alduino
Ralph "Ralphie Cags" Cagnani
Angelo "Angie" Caponi
Thomas "Rocky" Carlucci
Ricardo "Ricky" Caci
Anthony "Gio" Giovenco

Former members

Steven "Little Stevie" Velo (Incarcerated) - Former associate, arrested and charged with grand theft auto for his control of an auto theft ring.
Robert "Bobby" Pacelli (Deceased) - Former associate, shot dead after a successful heist in which the participating criminals turned on each other in greed.
Donald "Donny Pizza" Pazzano (Deceased) - Former soldier, murdered by a mob associate turned state's witness after Pazzano was given the contract for his death.
Jack "Jackie G" Gravello (Missing) - Former associate, disappeared during the summer of 2012. Whereabouts or status are currently unknown.
Luca Boccino (Deceased) - Former associate, executed by off the boat Sicilians posing as mafiosi.
Ronald "Ronnie" Straccia (Deceased) - Former associate, killed by members of SWAT.
Gabriel "Gabe the Jew" Epstein (Deceased) - Former Jewish-American associate who was murdered in a gang land style slaying during the summer of 2012.
James "Jimmy" Varisco (Missing) - Yet another former associate of the Chicago Outfit who was recruited by Joseph Gaccione to create the Saint Joseph Street Crew. He was inducted into the organization fully in August of 2012 and after incarceration, disappeared into the witness protection program.
Jonathan "Jackie Grazes" Graziano (Missing) - An Irish-Italian American mobster who hails from the greater region of Las Vegas and has close ties with the Chicago Outfit.
Frank "Frankie Sacks" Sacchieri (Missing) - A recently divorced Italian-American who operates a small bar within Idlewood.
Morris "Moe" Tomaselli (Missing) - A small time crook and garage manager from in Idlewood, Los Santos.
Albert "Bernie" Bucchioni (Deceased) - An associate under the wing of made man James Varisco who was shot down in a gang land style slaying. His killers met their demise days later.
Dino Battelli (Missing) - A low profiled associate believed to do business with Rudolph LoGazzo and the Saint Joseph Street Crew.
Frank "Miami Heat" Scarpelli (Missing) - A small time associate conducting business with James Varisco. Was once a member of Florida organized crime.
Anthony "Big Tuna" Borgesi (Missing) - The younger brother of Gaccione soldier, Michael Borgesi.
Nicholas "Nicky Pesos" Pezzo (Missing) - Long time associate of the Saint Joseph Street Crew who was incarcerated and served a sentence for home invasion. After being released Nicholas briefly made his presence before mysteriously disappearing.
Vito "Veet" Costa (Missing) - Son in law of Stefano Fratianno.
Alphonse "Fonzie" Addonizio ( Missing) - Partner in crime of associate Nicholas Pezzo, was incarcerated and served a sentence for home invasion.
George "Georgie Stacks" Sacchetti (Missing) - A former soldier and one of the original members of the Saint Joseph Street Crew. Traveled to Los Santos with Joseph Gaccione during the Outfit's expansion. After recently being released on parole, George vanished into the witness protection program.
Rudolph "Rudy Gazz" LoGazzo (Deceased) - A long time crew member of Joseph Gaccione who made his name in San Fernando Valley's multi-billion dollar pornography industry. Said to have strong ties with the Rizzuto crime family and the west coast's weapons and narcotics trade. He was liquidated after his plans to perform a coup d'etat on current boss Joseph Gaccione were discovered as well as a large under-the-table drug distribution ring.
Donald "Fat Don" Massaglia (Deceased) - After making off with a large sum of money belonging to Michael Borgesi, Donald disappeared. Formerly believed to be in WPP, Donald was recently found in the woodlands of the greater Montgomery region with a .45 ACP in his skull.
Paul "Paulie" Sartori (Deceased) - Former associate, liquidated after becoming a threat to his crew due to drug addiction. Was later discovered to be an informant.
Edward "Eddy Boots" Valachi (Missing)- Former associate, disappeared into the witness protection program. • Anthony "Tony Bananas" Taccardi (Deceased) - A former soldier who was known to be an important soldier within the Little Sicily crew. Died after his car collided with another at 100 mph.
Michael "Mickey Nickles" Borgesi (Deceased) - A former captain who was a transplant from Chicago into the crime family. After operating his crew within Little Sicily, Borgesi folded from the pressure and hung himself in his residence during November of 2012.
Joseph "Fat Joe" DelGiorno (Deceased) - Liquidated after attempting an unauthorized hit on Christopher Gaccione.
Victor "Vic" Ferretti (Missing)- Whereabouts unknown.
Francis "Frankie" Casso (Deceased) - Former associate of the West Broadway crew who was murdered after a deal gone wrong.

Alliances with other criminal groups

The Gaccione-Outfit alliance

(2012-present) After the success of the Chicago Outfit's Saint Joseph Street Crew ran by Joseph Gaccione, Joseph proposed to the higher ups that they consider allowing him to expand the organization into a fully fledged crime family with a hierarchy structure. The Outfit would only allow such a move to be made if Joseph agree to remain ultimately controlled by the Outfit and the New York Mafia Commission. He was asked to abide by the terms strictly and pass half of all assets gained by the family to the Outfit in Chicago. Joseph agreed, therefore marking his own death if the terms were to ever be broken. Similar cases of families operating within families has been seen in organizations such as the Kansas city crime family.

The Gaccione-Yamaguchi alliance

(2012-Semptember 2012) Started shortly after the arrival of Gaccione and his men in the west coast, the alliance was formed between mafia boss Joseph Gaccione and head of the local Yakuza outfit known as Yamaguchi-gumi, headed by Akira Sakura. The two organizations formed the bond and agreed to work together in the city to ensure if any conflicts were to begin that they would be solved peacefully and without blood shed. After one of the organization's earners, Ryan Carther, had his wife kidnapped by the Japanese, Joseph grew weary of Carther's own fate. He made arrangements for Carther to be relocated over seas for an undetermined amount of time while a sit down was arranged between the Yakuza and themselves to decide his ultimate fate.

At the sit down Akira Sakura brought up the idea of Soho Corporation being given to Gaccione in exchange for Carther's life. Instead, knowing that Carther would be worth more in the future, Gaccione turned the deal around and gave a hefty sum of currency to the Yakuza to ensure Carther were to remain alive and well. The offer was accepted, but with a grain of salt. Gaccione would later learn from a root-top spectator he had watching the sit down that the Yakuza positioned a man with a sniper near by the building. As fire arms at a sit down are frowned upon greatly in the criminal society, Gaccione decided to distance himself from the Japanese organization in order to maintain peace.

The Gaccione-Rostovskaya alliance

(2012-September 2012) Due to the closeness of the Rostovskaya Bratva and the Gaccione Crime Family in the east side of Los Santos, the two organizations encountered each other early on. Leaders of the Russian brigade spoke with Gaccione higher ups about a diplomatic alliance to which crime would be controlled peacefully. Agreements were also settled which allowed the two organizations to continue to co-exist within the east side and profit from each other illegally through extortion and fencing rackets. Over time, the relationship between Gaccione and the Russian Mob grew strong, Joseph himself having a diplomatic alliance with Nikolai Alenin. After Alenin was liquidated by an unknown killer, the organizations distanced themselves and the Russians slowly began to lose their influence in East Los Santos.

The Gaccione-Brooks alliance

(2012-August 2012) As the family strengthened their hold over the Idlewood area, local gangs deriving from areas such as Willowfield and Ganton began to once again move into the streets to push their narcotics. It was made apparent by the family's newly appointed captain, Rudolph LoGazzo, that gangs who wished to push their product in the area would either have to pay a small street tax to the crew or ultimately buy their wares from them exclusively. An agreement was made between Rudolph and Marcus Brooks, the alleged set leader behind the Brooks Organization, which would allow his group to traffic narcotics in South Central which were supplied by Rudolph's crew.

A deal was made and the nephew of mob boss Joseph Gaccione was sent into Willowfield to deliver the narcotics and receiver the payment for them. To his dismay, the deal was intercepted by a rival to Brook's organization known as "The G' Street Clique", a gang set based out of Ganton. The gang shot up Christopher's vehicle, making it seem as though Brook's men had attempted the hit. Without permission from his superiors, George Sacchetti called a retaliation against the group in Willowfield. Himself and Christopher Gaccione attacked back, armed with various weapons including an AK-47 assault rifle, injuring many and even killing one.

Joseph Gaccione was informed the following day, and after being called to a sit down with his allies in the Rostovskaya Bratva, he learned the truth behind the attack on his nephew which was made by the set in Ganton. Shedrov then called a meeting between the parties involved. In attendance was Joseph, his advisor Louis Garelli, Yuriy Shedrov, Vasily Andriy and Marcus Brooks himself. At the meeting Joseph presented Brooks with a collection of money to pay for the medical care of his injured members and to iron out any possible tensions between the two groups. Discussions then took place regarding the narcotics operations taking place in South Central, an area which Joseph and his men had been protecting for numerous weeks leading up to this event. Brooks was requested to pay Joseph's organization a weekly tax in order to continue their operations, to which Brooks complied.

Eventually, Brooks decided to relocate his operations outside of Idlewood into Ganton, thus ending the tax and the immediate relationship between the two.

The Gaccione-Bloods alliance

(2012-August 2012) The Ace Town Bloods from El Corona approached the Gaccione organization with hopes of selling narcotics. Joseph Gaccione in turn reversed the offer and gave the Bloods set protection in return for them distributing the organization's narcotics within Idlewood. The Bloods set began to decline from Los Santos near the end of summer 2012, leaving a vacant spot in Gaccione's narcotics distribution ring and ultimately ending their agreement.

The Gaccione-Kosher alliance

(July 2012-August 2012) Michael Borgesi and Louis Garelli began forming a bond between members of a local Jewish Mob. Members of the mob approached Joseph Gaccione with concerns about numerous organizations within the city. Joseph offered the Jews a chance to become a faction under their name, giving them protection and contacts within the city for a cut of their illegal profits. The Jews agreed, offering in return a degree of legal immunity due to their connections within the Los Santos Police Department and San Andreas State Police. The group dissolved shortly after the alliance was created due to internal issues between members. After the conflicts were over, remaining members who were not murdered or incarcerated were absorbed into the family as permanent associates.

The Gaccione-Craigson alliance

(2012-August 2012) Due to the sudden disappearance of the Ace Town Bloods, the family was left without a distributer for their narcotics in the lucrative Idlewood district. Joseph was introduced to Kobe Craigson shortly after this, who had recently been released from prison after The Idlewood Massacre trials and was looking for a group to assist him in removing a small time gang from his hood in Ganton. Joseph arranged for the rival gang's leader to be liquidated in a fake firearms deal in exchange for a protection fee from Kobe's organization and a fence for their narcotics. The terms were set and agreed upon. The hit on the small gang set's leader went smoothly and evidently marked the beginning of their partnership.

The Gaccione-Compadres alliance

(To be added.)