{{Infobox character
|name=Edison Best
|birth=September 19th, 1982
|height=183 cm
|hair=Dark Brown
|family=Stephen Best (Father)
Amelia Best-Latensia (Mother)
Eugene Best (Brother)
|affiliation=Red County Sheriff's Department

Edison Best (September 19th, 1982), born in Los Santos, was raised in a typical family. He is currently employed with the County Sheriff's Department. While in his passed, he left the LSPD to start up a towing company. After his short time in the towing business, he successfully raises the company. After a while, he felt forced to return towards the Law Enforcement side of Los Santos.

===Hex Tow 'n Go===
When Edison was working with the Los Santos Police Department, he received the offer of leading the biggest towing company in Los Santos, called Hex Tow 'n Go. He relieved all of the employees of their duties and started everything up again.

From the day that Edison joined, a new time has come for Hex Tow 'n Go. They started making profit after a certain amount of time, when the business was running steady. After a certain amount of years, Edison handed the stick over. So himself could get back to the Los Santos Police Department.

===Los Santos Police Department===
After coming from High School, Edison took a part of the Los Santos Police Department. After signing himself in, he got the good news that he was accepted into the force.

He successfully ended the academy, which made him a Law Enforcement Officer. He started with the rank of PO-I and made himself grow to the rank of Captain. He lead the Special Vehicles Unit for a certain amount of time. That was the peak of his career, being one of the most respected persons in the Los Santos Police Department.

Edison left the Police Department at that peak and held himself busy with Hex Tow 'n Go. After a short while when that business ran successfully, he moved back to the LSPD.

===Red County Sheriff's Department===
Upon joining the Red County Sheriff's Department, he got instated as an Deputy Sheriff First Class. This rank, was the beginning of his career as a Sheriff.

At this time, he is still an employee of the RCSD.