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11/8/1992, Los Santos County General

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Maria Corteno, Arturo Corteno, Payaso (dog)



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Caso's shop, CC's Customs

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1981 Coupe Deville

[Child hood]

Cesar was born in 11th of 8, 1992 at the Los Santos County general hospital. Cesar had a decent childhood living at El Corona with his mother and father, as he was the only child in the family. Cesar was sent to school when he was seven, and he never did too good but finished the school with bad grades, but still finished it. Cesar had started hanging with his friends more at the late school years and some times stayed out for two days without visiting home. Cesar's mother and father was worried, but they knew they couldn't change the situation. Cesar's father knew that Cesar's friends will get Cesar in trouble. When Cesar was around 18 years old, he was hanging around El Corona with some of his friends, and drinking corona as a black primo stopped in front of them and soon two black males in masks leaned out, holding pistols and released bullets toward Cesar and three of his friends. Cesar ducked down behind the couch he was leaning onto, and avoided getting hit. Soon when he stopped hearing bangs, he heard the sound of the primo speeding away. Cesar slowly gets up, and what he noticed shocked him. He saw two of his friends laying on the ground with a pool of blood under them, and the third one leaning onto the fence sitting at the ground, and holding his face with his hands. Cesar turns his head back to the bodies on the ground before he notices more people coming to the bodies and noticing what happened.

[New life]

A few years later, when Cesar was 20 years old, he had moved out of El Corona a year ago and was now on a more stable life. He has a Chevrolet Impala, and a pawnshop at Ganton which he makes some money off it by selling all kinds of stuff there. But didn't take too long as the people at Ganton area who are mostly black heard about the shop, and a mexican male running it and didn't like it. Luckily they got into agreement by talking and Cesar decided to sell the pawnshop. Cesar decided to try opening a new business in front of Unity station, this time a small 24/7 shop. While Cesar was planning about the 24/7, he had got a job as his friends, William's car dealer manages. The shop was called Willy's car. Cesar was working hard getting new cars and selling them forward, as Willy was planning his next dealer. Cesar also still was trying to sell his old pawnshop at Ganton, but no one was interested about it. As Cesar had a call from his Uncle about his old warehouse in Angel Pine which he gave to Cesar, he sold it for a good price to Arnaud Dujardin, who even drove to the place with an Infernus. With the money Cesar got from selling the warehouse, he bought a house from Seville, Owl street. As soon as Cesar was chilling at his new home, already after an hour he heard the voice of a car outside and as he went outside he noticed a male and a female sitting in a 1998 Land Rover discovery. After a small chat Cesar found out that they are his new neighbours and Cesar became friends with them. Few hours later Cesar noticed advert in the internet about a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino being sold for a good price. Cesar took his phone as he dialed the number, and after half an hour he parked this 1972 Chevrolet El Camino at his property. As Cesar later drove back to Willy's car, he saw Willy talking with a unknown invidual. After Cesar spoke with them for a few minutes, he found out the invidual was Williy's russian friend Muhammed. Cesar became possibly friends with him too, atleast from his side. Soon again Cesar was cruising back to his house with his white Chevrolet Impala. He parked it to the side of his house to the park and while walking inside his house he noticed his neighbours this time driving a purple Dodge Challenger. " Tss'. And I thought this area is for the not-so-rich ones?" Cesar said chuckling as he went inside his house.

[The first deal]

Cesar decided to still ride around with his Chevrolet Impala before going to sleep, and he had something in his mind. He drove to the Russian's area, and soon he saw two gentlemen at the side of the road. Cesar parked his vehicle by them, and walked to them. After a small discussion these three men walked into a bar near them, and they settled a deal which would be made the next day. Cesar thanked the two gentlemen before leaving back to his Chevrolet Impala. He drove back to his house and finally went to get some sleep.


The next morning Cesar was browsing the internet with his laptop as he saw advert about a blue 1963 Chevrolet Impala for sale and the price was only 5,000. Cesar reached to his phone as he dialed the number, and soon he met with the guy at East Beach. After a small discussion Cesar found out that this invidual called "Fierb" is a car stealer and he had stolen the car, that's why the price was so low. They came into agreement about Fierb getting the car to Cesar's name later and Cesar bought the car. Soon he drove it to his house and parked it by the park with his black 1972 Chevrolet El Camino. Later that day while Cesar was waiting for the deal with the Russians, he had call from the firm that has been building his shop. The pay of the work had total of 65,000$ and Cesar finally could open his shop. The shop was named Caso's shop. While Cesar was getting everything set at his new shop, his phone rang and he picked it up. Willy was calling. Willy asked how Cesar did managing the car dealer, and William wanted Cesar to drive there. As soon as Cesar drove there, Willy went to his office on his wheel-chair and Cesar followed by feet. After short discussion there, Willy kicked Cesar from the business and wanted his keys and money back. Cesar gave the keys back, and first refused to give the money but as he saw Willy holding a rifle at his wheelchair he sent the 300 grand back to him. Cesar left the dealer in anger. "I'll get the money back." was the only thing he could think about while driving back to Los Santos with his 1966 Chevrolet Impala. Later that evening, Cesar had cleared his head and realised that Willy was right. Leading the dealership was not for Cesar. He sent Willy a SMS as Willy was needing new cars, so Cesar sold his 1966 Chevrolet Impala to Willy for 13,000$. After that, Cesar took a cab back home and went to take some sleep. As he woke up, he remembered the deal with the russians and took his blue 1963 Chevrolet Impala, driving to the russian's area. Soon he saw two inviduals talking, and after a short chat he found out he was making business with Shedevr. The deal was smooth and went as expected, both parties got what they wanted. After that Cesar drove back home. Caso's shop was also already running stable, and had pretty many customers. Somehow the shop next to it had its door planked, who knows who's in charge of that.


One day as Cesar was normally going to his shop, he noticed Jackson Jr Rodgers standing in front of his shop at the parking area. As Cesar hopped out of his Dune and went to him, after a short discussion Cesar found out that Jackson was dealing drugs in front of Cesar's shop. Cesar kindly asked Jackson to leave, but he refused to. Cesar left in anger as he already started planning something. Later that day when Cesar was outside his shop waiting for customers, he saw Majestic driving to the parking place. Two Italian inviduals came to Cesar, and after a short discussion Cesar found out they was selling supplies. Cesar and these two inviduals made deal about the supplies. Cesar told these two inviduals about the group of black males dealing in front of his shop, and the Italians had a offer. Five large ones every sunday and they will keep the dealers away. Cesar agreed with them and paid them the first pay. Cesar felt more safe and believed that the business will run better now. But as known, troubles come and go. The next day when Caso was reading the newspaper, he saw that Stop N' Shop was re-opened by new owner. Cesar went to his shop as he grabbed a spraycan from the shelf, and went to the door of Stop N' Shop, painting a tag telling to visit Caso's shop rather than the Stop N' Shop. But soon a white male parked a car next to Cesar, and asked why was he painting to his shops door. Cesar told him to move his business elsewhere, but the owner refused to. While talking, Cesar noticed the invidual being Tommy Hawkins. Cesar went to IGS as he saw Julius, and asked him if he needs a job. Cesar explained to Julius that he has to go to the Stop N' Shop and beat up Tommy Hawkins. Big man as Julius was, he agreed as he also was his friend, and will get paid. Cesar went in the shop with Julius, and when they walked in Julius was already attacking Tommy. Didn't take longer than a minute and Tommy Hawkins was already unconscious on the floor. Julius took his cellphone and the shops key, as Cesar drove the 1963 Chevrolet Impala in front of the shop, with its trunk open. They lifted Tommy Hawkins inside the trunk and then drove towards Las Venturas. They drove to the desert, El Castillo Del Diablo area. They spotted a deep hole in the ground, and drove the 1963 Chevrolet Impala next to it, its trunk facing the hole. Cesar told Julius to open the trunk, and as he did so, Cesar withdrew his silenced pistol from his waistline. "Nice metal block you got, can I have one some day?" Julius said. "Yeah, sure." Cesar told him before moved the silenced pistol up andshot Tommy twice to his both legs. After that Cesar and Julius threw Tommy Hawkins in the hole.
Mta-screen 2012-08-06 14-07-06
"'Ey Hawkins, if you crawl back to Los Santos from there, I'll let you keep your business there, hahaha!" Cesar shouted before driving away with Julius. They drove to the bank as Cesar withdrew 3,000 dollars from the ATM and gave them to Julius. Then they drove back to Idlewood.

[New neighbours]

Later that day as Cesar was chilling at his house, he heard his dog Payaso barking outside. As he pushed the door open, he saw two mexican inviduals standing in front of his house. Cesar went to them and after a short discussion he found out they was his new neighbours at Owl street, names were Gordo and Slicky. "Pfft... Some wannabe gangsters." is what Cesar thought as they were trying to act thuggish. Cesar noticed Slicky wearing almost same clothes as he did, so he went to the Binco and bought new ones. Slicky and Gordo asked if Cesar wanted to go for a ride, but Cesar refused as he was already tired from the stuff earlier that day. Cesar went inside his house and went to take some sleep.

[Dead or alive?]

When Cesar woke up, he quickly ate snack and went outside. Gordo was in front of his house already, as he and Cesar went for a ride. They went to Caso's shop and noticed a tag on its wall. It was telling people not to visit Caso's shop, and use the Stop N' Shop instead. Cesar didn't believe what se saw. He saw Tommy Hawkins in a car and Cesar and Gordo told him to get out. He refused to, and drove away which led Cesar and Gordo to chase him. After a short time of chasing, Cesar pulled out his silenced pistol and aimed it for Tommy's car. He shot the whole mag at his car which led Tommy's cars engine to stall. Tommy ran away on foot to a garage and Cesar and Gordo escaped from the place as they knew Tommy will call the police. Cesar and Gordo went to Seville as they went to their houses to lay low. After an hour, Cesar decided to go find Tommy Hawkins. As Cesar drove past his shop with his stolen 1963 Chevrolet Impala, he saw Tommy and a Trooper in a SASP cruiser. Cesar hit the pedal to the medal as he drove away, yet the cruiser started chasing him. The chase lasted for half an hour and Cesar got caught at the Los Santos Highway. Cesar was arrested with charges of GTA and Evasion. The attempted murder of Tommy Hawkins couldn't be proofed in the next days court, so Cesar got one year prison sentence and fines of 15,000$. While sentencing his time Cesar was trying to make a clear, good and simple plan to execute Tommy Hawkins and make sure he is dead this time.

[One year later]

One year later Cesar was released from the prison. Cesar's shop had been closed for that whole time, and Cesar went to his shop first. He cleaned places up and contacted his Italian friend and bought some supplies from him, cigarettes, liquour, cellphones and everything needed. Cesar's shop was again running. Cesar noticed that so was Stop N' Shop, so he took some equipment and went to Stop N' Shops door and planked it up. As Cesar was doing that, he noticed a black male invidual standing behind him. After a short discussion Cesar found out he was looking for some joints. Cesar told him to wait at IGS, and Cesar went to get the marijuana. Cesar then drove to IGS and sold this invidual 3.5 grams of marijuana for the price of 500$.

[No one fucks with Caso]

The next day Caso met again his friend Gordo, and Gordo's new friend Nerb. Nerb needed a lift to a electronics shop, so Caso promised to drive him there. As soon as he was at Unity Station, he saw two male inviduals running from Caso's shop. He noticed the another one being Tommy Hawkins, as he in reaction hit the gas and drove over him. Tommy smacked to the ground as Cesar told Nerb to get his body and Cesar went to open the back doors of the Dune. Then Cesar went to help Nerb with the body and they lifted it inside the back of the Dune, and drove to the countryside of Los Santos. There Cesar opened the backdoors. "Hawkins, eh. Fuckin' with Caso's business. But you know? You're dead." Cesar said and pulled out his silenced pistol, and shot Tommy twice to his chest and once to his head, finally executing him and was sure that he is dead this time.

"Bye, Hawkins. No one fucks with Caso." Cesar said before drove away with his Dune.

Execution of Tommy Hawkins MTA RG01:29

Execution of Tommy Hawkins MTA RG

Later that day, Cesar was going to his shop with Slicky and Gordo. Cesar told Slicky and Gordo that he had to do something important. Slicky and Gordo promised to help Cesar, so they went to the car together. Cesar explained Slicky and Gordo that he will kill Jackson Jr Rodgers who had been trouble for him earlier, and now is the time to kill him. They started looking for him, and not long before they found him. Cesar knew that Jackson was always looking for guns, so they agreed to meet at Grove Street. Cesars, Gordos and Slickys first plan was to take him behind the houses at Grove and to Cesar shoot him with his silenced pistol. But they had to improvise a new plan as Jackson refused to go alone. He called his "homeboys" which after ten minutes appeared to be three romanian inviduals. Gordo and Cesar managed to lure Jackson behind the houses, but these three romanians were watching. Cesar had to lie to Jackson about selling him mags, and told him that these mags are at Gordo's car. When they was walking towards the car, Cesar and Gordo saw the three romanians walking to their own car at the different side of the street. Cesar and Gordo saw it as their chance, and Cesar pulled out his silenced pistol as he aimed it to Jackson and pulled the trigger. Jackson tried to run by feet but Cesar managed to hit him, which caused him to fall down and Gordo finished him with his colt.45 by headshotting him at the ground. Gordo ran from the scene but Cesar went to the car, but as he noticed Gordo is not coming back he quickly jumped out and ran towards Seville till he was out of breath. Cesar rushed inside his house as he locked the door and pulled the curtains over the windows, "laying low."

Execution of Jackson Jr Rodgers MTA RG01:10

Execution of Jackson Jr Rodgers MTA RG

A few hours later, Cesar checked outside as he noticed no one at the streets. He unlocked the door and went outside, and noticed a mexican invidual leaning at the pole. "Ey. Who are you?" "I'm Carlos" the invidual answered as Cesar then noticed Gordo and Ace coming with a bike. Gordo seemed angry and so did Ace. After a short discussion Cesar heard that Ace saw how the EMS had saved Jackson Jr Rodgers. Cesar couldn't believe what he heard, but as he and Gordo later was looking for Jackson, he saw him and another black invidual on Jackson's FCR. Cesar hit the gas as he started chasing them, but they got away. Cesar and Gordo tried to look for these two black males, but did not manage to find them. As Cesar and Gordo was passing city hall, they got pulled over. First they thought its a normal pull over, but when Cesar was asked to step out. "Fuck?" Is what Cesar said. " We gotta run." He told to Gordo. " Are you strapped?" Gordo asked Cesar. " Yeah, I fucking am." Cesar told him agressively. "Well just fucking RUN!" Gordo shouted as Cesar slam the gas, starting to drive away. After a short time, Cesar noticed a helicopter behind them. Gordo was already pulling out his colt.45, but Cesar told him not to. Cesar drove under a bridge and managed to lose the helicopter. After fie minutes Cesar and Gordo drove back to Seville, and parked the truck by the beach. As soon as Gordo started running toward Seville, Cesar noticed a black tinted premier coming with fast speed. Cesar turned around as he rushed to the truck, jumping in and driving away. Gordo kept obviously running toward Seville. The premier started chasing Cesar. After five minutes, Cesar managed to lose the premier. When he drove past Seville, he noticed Gordo on the ground and police around him. Cesar quickly drove away. Soon the helicopter saw Cesar, and after a long, 30 minute chase, Cesar's dune was shot and the engine stalled. Cesar dived out of the vehicle at Blueberry Acres and got caught. He was sentenced to one year jail for attempted murder, evasion and reckless driving with fines of 8,000$.

Cholo Caso versus the police MTA RG12:08

Cholo Caso versus the police MTA RG

[What now?]

After Cesar's release from the prison one year later, last information of him was that he had opened a garage, Cholo Caso's Customs. His shop was still running and Cesar had bought a new house from Washington Street.

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